Our Mission

GATHER. A new faith community is an open invitation for people who have no church home to find a place of belonging.  Those who have never been churched or who were disenfranchised from church are especially welcomed.  We seek people of differing spiritual understandings and experience.  You need not be Lutheran or even a professed Christian, for that matter, just a person who recognizes the need for a spiritual community and a willingness to offer yourself in shaping it. 


LOVE. Central to our self-understanding as a new faith community is that we are called to love. Our motivation is simple:  God loves us and having been loved and knowing what it is to be loved, we are compelled to love others.  


SERVE. Love is a verb.  It finds its deepest expression in action.  We recognize within our faith community our own need and brokenness as human beings.  We discover an affinity with all people when we acknowledge our common dependence upon others for help.  We seek to be sensitive to the needs of the Palm Springs community and will do whatever we can to address those needs:  issues surrounding poverty and homelessness; issues of equality and human rights; issues of human dignity and respect.  God’s work, our hands.