All people are loved by God and we are called to love one another.  Hope Palm Springs is a full inclusion faith community.  Regardless of status, economic condition, or political affiliation, we celebrate all people of race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expressions.

We intend to be more than open and affirming, we are embracing of all people, recognizing that within us all is the divine spark of the Creator.  Each of us has gifts to share with one another. Diversity makes our community richer in spirit and kinder in heart.  We seek equality for all and will strive to be an example of this within the Palm Springs community and beyond.

If you are a believer, a doubter, a seeker, or a non-believer looking for a community — you have a place here.

If you own, rent, or have nothing at all — you are welcome here.

If you are fully abled, disabled, or a person of differing abilities,

if you have regrets, fears, addictions, or afflictions — you have a place here.

All who are wise and all who are confused, all who have found love and all who have lost it, all who celebrate this welcome statement and all who fear it — are welcome here.


For these are just some of the things that make you who you are:  the person God loves. Come as you are and be celebrated for who you are. The time is now. Your place is here.